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Pages Linking this group

Facebook group for Hackerspace Adelaide

Other Hacker pages

A collection of interesting hacks ranging from small electronic projects to this giant robotic giraffe
Instructibles - or better still, Instructabliss
A collection of howto articles on a wide range of topics from cooking to robotics.
Build your own arcade controls
is an excellent resource and is an almost copy of the book project arcade, by far the best feature of this website is the awesome community it has lurking inside its message boards, and while not strictly hacker related I'm sure some people will find this site useful.


The Reading Room, Hindley St


Main site for the Arduino physical computing platform.
Language Reference
Duemilanove board reference

Beagle Board

Development board for a unified ARM/DSP device.  Capable of running the Linux kernel.

BeagleBoard Wiki


see Retailers.