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Lantern Rising

Due to the efforts of many of our members, major improvements in the lantern were made during the SALA festival. The lantern had progressed to the point where late on August 27th it was installed in the window at Format.  … Continue reading

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7/8th’s of 1/4 of the lantern working!

Yes, that’s right, 7/32nd’s of our lovely Peel St lantern is alive and working at one time. Why is that progress I hear you ask? For two reasons: firstly we’ve successfully tested our new programming theory, and secondly we’ve found … Continue reading

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Lantern PCB etching

Ryan and Pix have been having a crash course in backyard chemistry while etching the PCBs for the Peel Street Lantern control boards. Other options would have been to mill or have the boards fabbed overseas, but because of the … Continue reading

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