Donation to Hackerspace

Peter West (Scout), one of our members and an enthusiastic electronics hacker passed away recently.  This weekend his family generously donated his electronic tools and supplies to the Adelaide Hackerspace.

Scouts tools and supplies

We are in the process of inventorying this donation and intend to make it available for the improvement of members projects shortly.

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Hackerspace at the ANAT 3D printing event.

Yesterday ANAT held an event examining the impact of 3D printing technologies on the future of manufacture.  A full program can be found here:

For information on proceedings, check out the twitter hashtag #3DprintADL particularly the tweets of Hackerpsace member Fee Plumley who was live tweeting most of the event.

Update: ANAT have published a gallery of photos from the event here.

Update2: Paul has some photos of his Huxley in operation here:

Some photos of the event:

  • One of these things is not like the others – Hackerspaces Huxley on printer row.

Paul and Ryan demonstrating an Huxley.

The long view - Pix considers the future of fabrication

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Huxley – First print

Today the Huxley printed its first parts.  The hot end jamming problems were traced to obsolete firmware that incorrectly read the temperature.  Due to the low extruder temperature resulting in only partially melted plastic and corresponding high resistance when printing.

With the updated thermistor settings the extrudate flowed freely.

Huxley at work

The first print did warp – this may have been due to an incorrect temperature setting in the bed.

The Huxleys first print - four PCB clips and a power clip

With a bit more care subsequent prints were of higher quality.

Two more PCB clips were printed and fitted to the Huxley.

PCB clips in place


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Combined Hackerspace update

This combined update will cover both Wednesday and Saturdays sessions.


Another significant turnout.  Work continued on the newly designed Lantern boards.  These contain a number of surface mount components necessitating good lighting, steady hands and tweezers.

Joel soldering one of the new lantern boards


Jorn demonstrating the benefits of parallelisation

The end result

Meanwhile work continued on the Huxley.  At the end of the evening the limit switches were installed. Commissioning would begin on Saturday.


Alexis demonstrated a SID chip based MIDI synthesizer built into an Arduino shield.

Alexis' synthesizer

A bristlebot ran across the table

I just want to explore!

A number of volunteers double checked the wiring on the Huxley.

Mark, Alexis, Robyn and myself checking the wiring on the Huxely

When power was applied everything appeared to work corrrectly.  All axes turned smoothly and in the correct direction.

Huxley under test

The huxley homes to its limits for the first time

Thanks to everyone who attended and made these sessions a success!

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Out of band hacksession update

On Saturday we had another out of band Hacksession.  Jorn and Tamsyn installed Linux on an obsolescent laptop.

Its likely that the phone has more RAM than the computer

Updating via tethered phone

Ryan worked on his Huxley.

Twin Huxleys!

And work continued on Hackerspaces Huxley.  At this stag the stepper motors and the first limit switch have been wired into the driver board.  Two more limit switches and the hot end still need to be connected.  All proceeding well commisioning may occur at the next Hacksession.

Front and back view of the Huxleys

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Huxley and Lantern

Last night at hackerspace much was undertaken.

Investigating a fan

Pix with a selection of 1.75mm PLA

Peter has designed a new model of Lantern PCB designed to replace the current Electron Source and Harvester boards.  Peter and Tim worked on populating the new boards while the older PCBs had their components recovered.

1/8th of the lantern disassembled for rebuilding

Work continued on the Huxley.  Paul finished assembling the Extruder while Ryan and Simon began work on the wiring.

Simon solder the power cable

Huxley with extruder

The frame and mechanics of the Huxley are now complete.  Installation of the electrics will continue at the next Hacksession.

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Hackerspace update

Yesterday was a regular hackerspace session.  Highlights included Mark and Joel  previewed their upcoming Linux Conf talks for the attendees.

Joel and Mark preparing their talks

Work continued on the Huxley yesterday.  Damien finished the installation of the z-axis, while further work was performed on the extruder hot end.  Unfortunately a lack of PTFE tape prevented completion of the extruder.

After a large amount of measuring and consideration, the Huxley has been provided with a new container.  This box is large enough for the reprap to sit flat, hopefully preventing possible alignment issues.

Huxley in its new home

Once the hot end is complete, the next task will be wiring and the installation of control electronics.

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Huxley 3

Once again assembly was parallelised, with work proceeding seperately on the z-axis, extruder drive and extruder hot end.

Tim at work on the Z-Axis

Extruder drive in position

The extruder drive included a number of close tolerance and friction fit parts.  Some trimming with a hobby knife was required to remove excess material.

Current state of the huxley

The extruder drive is now complete and installed.  Work continues on the z-axis and hot end.


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Huxley returns

Work continued on the Huxley yesterday.

Pix and Tim with the Huxley

Some extra tools were available including a antique spirit level and square.

Checking alignment with a 50 year old spirit level

The x-axis has now been completed and installed onto the frame.  The filament extruder has been partially assembled, but requires some rework before it will be ready for installation.

Tasks still needing to be finished include:

  • installing the z-axis drives and bed
  • Building the hot end of the extruder
  • Wiring installation
  • commissioning

Work on the Huxley will be continuing at the next hacksession on Wednesday.



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Huxley 2 – the update

After an outpouring of eagerness, hackerspace members met up once again to continue the RepRap build. Highlights of the night include:

Tim aligning y-axis belts

Pix demonstrating the correct method for aligning precision parts

Currently the frame, heated bed, x-axis and y-axis are complete.  Lots more work to go however.

Huxley RepRap with x-axis

Also at hackerspace last night were a few other projects:

Alexis demonstrating his hand built CP/M computer

Closer view of the CP/M computer.

Thanks to everyone who came along to make the night a success!

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