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A lovely list of the projects we’re hacking at Hackerspace Adelaide.

Control the Crazyflie quadcopter with an Android phone

The easiest way to control a Crazyflie nano quadcopter is with a laptop and a PS3 controller (or similar), but tonight we played around trying to control it using the Android client. Took a bit of messing around, so here’s how we … Continue reading

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7/8th’s of 1/4 of the lantern working!

Yes, that’s right, 7/32nd’s of our lovely Peel St lantern is alive and working at one time. Why is that progress I hear you ask? For two reasons: firstly we’ve successfully tested our new programming theory, and secondly we’ve found … Continue reading

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Current projects

Over the last month there has been an influx of hackerspace projects, so we now need some more hands to help make the projects work. Here’s whats on the go: Mindstorm lego robot (ask Jon) Interactive textiles workshop project (ask … Continue reading

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Lantern – 32×32 pixels, almost working

The good news is that we’ve made progress on the Peel Street Lantern, finishing all of the soldering of the 1,024 pixels and connected all of the 16 panels together! The bad news is that we’re having trouble getting a … Continue reading

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Lantern – 8×32 progress videos

Progress has come along nicely, with one complete row (8 pixels x 32 pixels) successfully lit up and controlled via a single Arduino. Continue reading

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Lantern PCB etching

Ryan and Pix have been having a crash course in backyard chemistry while etching the PCBs for the Peel Street Lantern control boards. Other options would have been to mill or have the boards fabbed overseas, but because of the … Continue reading

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832 of 1024 pixels soldered

Thanks to some handiwork from Damien, Robert, Nick and myself, we’ve now moved our tally of soldered LEDs to 832 for the Peel Street Lantern. Continue reading

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Force Petal mind game

Our air cannon has taken shape and become the Force Petal – a game with two Force Trainers hacked to display the brain ‘attention’ and ‘meditation’ levels of its players. When a player filled their bubbling brain tubes with brain goo, our little micro-controller triggered a valve and 100psi of compressed air whooshed through the air cannon, spraying flower petals over the loser and the crowd. Continue reading

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100psi air cannon test

Last night we put together the PVC air cannon and gave it an inaugural 40psi test. Tonight we give it a 100psi test! Continue reading

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Peel Street Lantern

The Peel Street Lantern is a large LED light canvas, and will be completely open for anyone to create animations, send messages to it, or even interact with it in real time via either a mobile phone browser or motion sensors. Continue reading

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