Adelaide IoT Hackthon 2016 “Making something that matters”

IoTHackathonAir-Stream Wireless, Fab Lab Adelaide, Hackerspace Adelaide, SA Makers and Smart City Studio launched Adelaide’s first Internet of Things (IoT) Hackathon on Friday night 22nd April 2016.

InDaily City Mag writes: “The Internet of Things comes alive in Adelaide”

22nd April 6:30pm,  launching Adelaide’s first Internet of Things (IoT) Hackathon.

peopleMore picture of the event on our facebook page – click here.

Competitors were grouped into 3 teams where they spent the day developing their ideas using the #WorldCreateDay #Hackaday theme “Making something the Matters” on the 23rd April 2016.


Team 1: 10cent – Internet of Trash
Make the council bins in the Adelaide City smart in order to encourage recycling, track waste and let the disadvantaged track down valuables.

Team 2: City wide water leakage monitoring
Adelaide city, a city with very limited water resources, has an issue with burst pipes

Team 3: Local area notice screen
Local people are able to post bulletins, for sales, events, whatever is happening in their neighbourhood.  Users access the system using a handheld app choosing to initiate face recognition, bluetooth id or wifi mac and geolocation identification methods.

The winners:  
Team 2: Harry Parkinson, Marcus Berglund, Paul Schulz & Samuel Parsonage for their City-wide water leakage monitoring

Winning_teamFirst Prize:

  1. Each team member received a Raspberry Pi each with the Win10 IoT Core from Microsoft.
  2. The IBM Global Entrepreneur Program offers startups $24K USD of SoftLayer (IaaS) and Bluemix (PaaS) cloud credits over a 12 month period. Not only do you get a 12 month subscription to IBM’s cloud, you also receive mentoring from IBM experts, to help you scale, launch, grow and accelerate your business! IBM helps startups build from the ground up. By offering access to enterprise-grade technology, including a huge depth of services like Watson, IoT, and Mobile and connecting startups to technical and business experts, IBM leads startups through building, launching and scaling new ideas. IBM sets startups up for success by connecting them to business mentors, top-notch technology and a global network of enterprise clients needed to drive growth at any stage.  Take advantage of this great program today!

Hackerspace Adelaide team play award
Xiaogang Dong (Norm), was the winner of the Hackerspace Adelaide team play award from Team 1. Chosen for fitting in with a room of strangers, working closely in a team with others and good problem-solving skills to help his team.

normThe Prize
The Hackerspace Adelaide team play award includes a $100, 12month membership of Hackerspace Adelaide and a hand made Hackerspace Adelaide T-Shirt.


The event was streamed live on youtube thanks to:

  • Shawn Zeppel, Systems Engineer at PACT IT & Committee Air-Stream Wireless who produced and coordinated the live stream.
  • Fee Plumley, Technoevangelist at Reallybigroadtrip who conducted some wounderful interviews and hosted our live stream broadcast.

23rd April, Adelaide’s first Internet of Things (IoT) Hackathon

Adelaide Makerspace
The aim of this event was to promote the importance of the maker community, and the need to establish an Adelaide Makerspace.

If a small event like this can be organised over a few weeks, where a dozen people in a room can create three very unique ideas for building something that matters, what then could a full-time Makerspace achieved with a city of makers and artists.


If we truly want an innovative and a creative community that inspires people to pursue further education, the arts, or create new ventures in Adelaide we need to get local people together making new and interesting things. Imagine if there was an Adelaide Makerspace with specialist equipment, tools and space for makers and artists from across Adelaide could go any time of the day or week to create and collaborate with others.

The other people who made this happen:
A very special thanks to the following individuals who helped make this event happen:

  • Alison Kershaw Leadership Facilitator at Together SA & Committee of SA Makers Inc
  • Cathy McGurk, Ecosystem Development Leader at IBM
  • David Byworth, Manager at Fab Lab Adelaide
  • Davyd Norris – Senior IT Architect at IBM
  • Fee Plumley, Technoevangelist at Reallybigroadtrip
  • Harry Lucus, GrapeBrain & Smart City Studio
  • John Ruciak, Digital Strategy at DPTI Communications & SA Makers Inc
  • Liam Ellul, Program Manager at Microsoft
  • Paul Daly, Advisor Entrepreneurship and Innovation at City of Adelaide
  • Robert Hart, Principal at Hardhack & Committee, Hackerspace Adelaide
  • Shawn Zeppel, Systems Engineer at PACT IT & Committee, Air-Stream Wireless
  • Steven Pickles, Chairperson, Hackerspace Adelaide
  • Tamsyn Michael, Trainer at WWF & Hackerspace Adelaide founding member
  • Tony Dalmeyer, Committee, Air-Stream Wireless

The organisations involved:
Many thanks go to the following organisations who have supported this event:

Air-Stream Wireless Inc.  |   Australian Network for Art and Technology
City Of Adelaide  |  Fab Lab Adelaide  | GrapeBrainHakerspace Adelaide Inc.
Hardhack  | IBM  |  Microsoft  |  Reallybigroadtrip
SA Makers Inc.  |  Smart City Studio

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