Hackerspace at Unleashed

Some regular Hackerspace attendees had great success at Unleashed / Govhack this year, being presented with their awards on Sunday.


Robyn, Kylie and Damien won the “Renew Adelaide Creative Space” award with their Talking Heads project, scoring the space some assistance from Renew Adelaide.  They also scored an honourable mention in the “Best Artistic Use of Open Data” category and won the Space a new Printrbot Simple, courtesy of Bilby CNC and Govhack! Get building everyone, before we have 3 non-functional 3D printers!


Congratulations to Tamsyn for winning the Spirit of MOD Unleashed, for her assistance at the Machinery Of Data workshops.

Also Tobias, Daniel and Damien got the Coder’s Choice award for their Revive Survive application.

Well done all!

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