End of June update

The adelaide hackerspace recently submitted an application to become an incorporated body.  This week Pix brought the certificate along.

Pix brandishes Hackerspace Adelaides Certifcate of Incorporation

Simon has decided to build a hexapod robot using micro RC servos.  To simplify the task of driving the required eighteen servos he is using a development board based on the same TLC5940 chip used by the Peel Street Lantern.

Simon experimenting with TLC5940 servo control

That is a lot of servos…

Fee Plumley has been continuing to work on her Really Big Road Trip crowdfunding project.  As part of her “Twelve Days of Busmas” she has developed a custom keyring as a reward for supporters of the project.

The tag at completion of printing on the Huxleys bed

Fee modelling the tag

Nathan has been developing a 3D model of a popular cartoon chracter using Blender.  As an experiment his model was exported to an STL and printed.

Gir printing. There is a large amount of scaffolding due to the spherical nature of the characters head.

Completed Gir. The finished model is about three centimeters in height.

Work continues on the updated Lantern.  Peter and Damien seem to have fixed the communication and colour issues with the new boards.

New Model Harvester at work driving 1/8th of the Lantern.

Finally Mark has been working on Software defined radio using a re-tasked USB TV tuner.

Mark working with Software Defined Radio


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  1. Michael Santagata says:

    Looking for a 3d printer, which can do architectual models. Please send me an email with you phone number on it.

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