24 Hour Hacksession

This weekend a few hardy souls gathered together for a hacksession organised by Robyn that was so incredible it could not be contained within a simple 3 hour period.

Robyn continued to work on her robot

Robyns robot

Pix brought along his Makerbot to experiment with methods of calibration.

Pix' Makerbot

This was also the first occurance of “Craft time with Pix.”  A humble beer carton was converted to support the operation of the Huxley.

An unsuspecting beer carton

Carton based filament holder

During the afternoon the chips were opened – I repeat, the chips were opened.

The chips - opened

A lot of printing occured:

I printed some Huxley parts:

Parts for an Huxley - some were prepared earlier

Pix printed a white PLA dome and Kylie(?) printed a TARDIS.

Dome and TARDIS

Ryan printed a case for a Raspberry Pi.  He also continues to work on his own Huxley – the application of PTFE tape may have fixed his bowden extruder issues.

Raspberry Pi case and TARDII

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