May update

Robyns robotic vacuum cleaner

Robyn brought along a robotic vacuum cleaner with a stuck brush.  It was later seen happily cleaning the floor of Formats basement.

Scott continued to work with wireless communications.

Scott working with wireless

Arduino with wireless transceiver and LCD display

Hackerspace logo being printed on the Huxley

The Huxley continues to print well.  There were issues with overloading that were traced to the heated bed, but printing quality does not appear to be affected by printing wothout it.

The blue painters tape covered bed provides excellent adhesion.   Removing the part required careful levering with a sharp instrument.

Simon and Pix have been working on a three dimensional version of the hackerspace logo.  On Saturday this logo was successfully printed.

Completed Hackerspace logo

Ryan required a replacement y-axis bracket for his printer.  After calibration (and discovering the calibration method of sprinter had changed) a replacement was printed.  Adding the command “M92 X 80” to the start_pla.gcode file corrected for the incorrect x-axis pulley.

The part was successfully fitted to Ryans printer

Bracket installed on the printer


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    this is very cool.

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