Huxley – First print

Today the Huxley printed its first parts.  The hot end jamming problems were traced to obsolete firmware that incorrectly read the temperature.  Due to the low extruder temperature resulting in only partially melted plastic and corresponding high resistance when printing.

With the updated thermistor settings the extrudate flowed freely.

Huxley at work

The first print did warp – this may have been due to an incorrect temperature setting in the bed.

The Huxleys first print - four PCB clips and a power clip

With a bit more care subsequent prints were of higher quality.

Two more PCB clips were printed and fitted to the Huxley.

PCB clips in place


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3 Responses to Huxley – First print

  1. Tamsyn says:

    Congrats dude, looks like you’ve taken care of the spare parts you need already. Very slick looking print.

  2. KARMAN says:

    Hey guys i saw your station in science alive and was just wondering how i can join this group and does it matter that i am only 14 and dont know much about electronics but i am really interested in joining this group and learning more.

    please email me on


  3. JonW says:

    Hi Karman,

    I suggest joining our mailing list at:


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