Combined Hackerspace update

This combined update will cover both Wednesday and Saturdays sessions.


Another significant turnout.  Work continued on the newly designed Lantern boards.  These contain a number of surface mount components necessitating good lighting, steady hands and tweezers.

Joel soldering one of the new lantern boards


Jorn demonstrating the benefits of parallelisation

The end result

Meanwhile work continued on the Huxley.  At the end of the evening the limit switches were installed. Commissioning would begin on Saturday.


Alexis demonstrated a SID chip based MIDI synthesizer built into an Arduino shield.

Alexis' synthesizer

A bristlebot ran across the table

I just want to explore!

A number of volunteers double checked the wiring on the Huxley.

Mark, Alexis, Robyn and myself checking the wiring on the Huxely

When power was applied everything appeared to work corrrectly.  All axes turned smoothly and in the correct direction.

Huxley under test

The huxley homes to its limits for the first time

Thanks to everyone who attended and made these sessions a success!

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  1. Tamsyn says:

    Don’t forget the bit about musical accompaniment on the piano. That was awesome.

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