Huxley and Lantern

Last night at hackerspace much was undertaken.

Investigating a fan

Pix with a selection of 1.75mm PLA

Peter has designed a new model of Lantern PCB designed to replace the current Electron Source and Harvester boards.  Peter and Tim worked on populating the new boards while the older PCBs had their components recovered.

1/8th of the lantern disassembled for rebuilding

Work continued on the Huxley.  Paul finished assembling the Extruder while Ryan and Simon began work on the wiring.

Simon solder the power cable

Huxley with extruder

The frame and mechanics of the Huxley are now complete.  Installation of the electrics will continue at the next Hacksession.

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  1. pix says:

    I look so ecstatic to be exhibiting my extruded wares.

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