SciWorld Robotic Show and Tell Day

Sciworld held a Robotic Show and Tell day on Sunday.  Events on the day included Lego NXT workshops by SciWorld and demonstrations by Flinders University.  Hackerspace members were in attendance to demonstrate their robotic projects.

Melchior was demonstrating a homebuilt Quadcopter with remote telemetry.

Melchior with Quadcopter


Peter brought along a recreation of K-9 from the TV series Doctor Who

K-9 showing display panel

Display of K-9 internals

Good Dog!

But I'm not quite sure what this fellow is...

Also in attendance were Pix with his Makerbot and myself.  Thanks both to Lisa for organising the event and to everyone who attended.

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2 Responses to SciWorld Robotic Show and Tell Day

  1. adam says:

    i have some ideas and i would like some help
    thanks adam

  2. JonW says:

    Hi Adam,

    I would suggest sending a message to the mailing list and outline what you are interested in working on.


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