Lantern – 8×32 progress videos

Pix & Jonathan have been working flat out on the Peel Street Lantern over the last few weeks.. even to the point of sleeping at Hackerspace! Kudos guys.

Progress has come along nicely, with one complete row (8 pixels x 32 pixels) successfully lit up and controlled via a single Arduino.

Last night after the awesome guest talks by Pippa & Tim (thanks guys!) – Ryan, Nick, Damien, Pix, Jon, Joel & I had another late session soldering up row 2. Here’s a look at the first row in the Format window where it’ll reside (video by Pix):

And a closer look at it on the work bench:

Pix & Ryan stayed back to work on the wood frame:

Two rows of the lantern attached to the window frame

Photo by pix

If you’d like to see it in real life, you’re more than welcome to come along to any of our hack sessions and check it out. If you bring a soldering iron we’d also love you to work on it too!

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  1. That’s really awesome guys, you’ve really got your hack going good!

    (The second video is just all-black for me)

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