12 hour hackathon!

12 hour hackathon!Just when you thought it was safe to enjoy a relaxing Saturday in the sun, along comes the first Adelaide Hackerspace HACKATHON!

Saturday 20th November, 10am – 10pm
At Format, 15 Peel Street, city.

What’s a hackathon I hear you ask? Well it’s 12 hours of soldering, breaking, fixing, hacking, eating, drinking and ustream.

Oh, and to make things even more exciting, it’s also going to be part of the synchronous hackathons!

“Are there any group projects that we can help out with?”. Great question. YES! pix has received his shipment of “peel street lantern” LED matrix¬†parts, so we’re planning on making some serious progress getting it¬†together.

Bring your soldering iron, some sugary goodness for stamina, and some pizza money.. this is going to be a big one!

All welcome, this is a public event.

Cheers, Simon.

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  1. Ryan Leach says:

    Why arn’t we still soldering on thru the night, its not done yet!

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